Last Man Standing

05 February, 2017

As club President I’m delighted to give my support to this fundraiser
and I’m calling on all members and friends of Sundays Well RFC
to get behind it and make sure it’s a success.
All monies raised by this initiative will go towards our
Club Development Fund and will help
us in our efforts to secure Sports Capital Programme grants.

With your help we hope to further enhance our facilities
for the benefit of players of all ages. Thanks, Sean

Last Man Standing - Premier League Prediction Quiz.
You simply pick ONE Premier League team you fancy to win in round 1.
If they win pick again next week, lose or draw and you're out.
You can't pick the same team twice.

Quick Rules.
English Premier League.
Pick a team to win each week.
If you win, you go forward to next round.
Lose or draw you are out.
You can’t pick same team twice.
Competition continues until there is only 1 left.
€10 to enter.
€350 prize money.

Start Date: Weekend of 11th Feb 2017.

We’re Looking For Every Club Member to help us push this.

What have ‘you’ to do next:
Each player/club member has to try to get 5 to 10 entries.
Manage those entries until they are out or win it.
(Put in their predictions each round and collect money before start etc.)

Forward predictions to:
(Hand over entry fee to any Committee member)

All this can be done on social media / text messaging.
So contact Friends/Relatives/Work Colleagues
and ask them to enter & support our club.

The hard work will be at the start
collecting entrants and money but
after that the competition runs itself.

So thank you again,
Sean Loftus – Club President
Away the Well